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Tokyo Marui P90 TR

This is my first AEG, I have shot many other AEG's but this one is my overall favorite.

Overall Specifications:

  • Piston: Prometheus V3
  • Piston Head: Laylax Polycarbonate
  • Spring: Systema 120 Stainless
  • Spring Guide: Laylax V6 Tornado
  • Gears: Prometheus High Speed
  • Motor: Systema Magnum
  • Batteries: LiPO 7.4V 2000mAh 10C Discharge Rate
  • MOSFET Trigger and Custom LiPO PCB

Resulting in 400 FPS @ 25+ ROF

The sight is a Simmons 800879 Red Dot Sight 30mm 4 MOA Dot

Of course, this gun has a few "Features" you won't find on your run of the mill AEG... (C'mon with all the things in the projects section did you really think my beloved AEG was safe?) Full information below:


Tokyo Marui P90 TR Full Electronics Upgrade V1.0

So if i'm going to put a MOSFET Trigger Assembly in my P90, what else can I make it do?

The HiCap Magazine has a sliding block, so i can make the gun see the block move and tell me when it is low on ammo...

But wait theres more...

Running LiPO batteries I have to be careful not to over discharge the packs to prevent damaging them, so rather than checking voltage after each match, why don't I make the AEG constantly check the voltage for me? But it gets better, if the batteries are at 3.0VDC in either cell, the electronics lock out the trigger.

Some think this is a bad idea, but if you have a sidearm like i do, pull it, get the kill, change the battery. Personally I would rather get shot out because of my gun not firing than have to spend 50USD on another battery pack. Click HERE for a very old (and no longer used) version of the schematics of the entire electronics package in my P90TR, feel free to use it as you see fit. Choose youre opamps wisely as they are the "touchy" part of the circuit.

The thumbnails are the MOSFET and part of the Low Ammo Indication, the LiPO PCB I made to monitor the battery pack and lock out the trigger for the gun, and the magnetic reed switch that senses the magnet in the magazine slide for Low Ammo Indication.


Tokyo Marui USP 40

You gotta have a sidearm...

I wanted this AEP instead of a GBB because I didn't want to worry about temperature and getting the right gas.

The sight is a STAR M6 Flashlight and Laser that I use on my P90 in CQB, it runs on rechargeable LiFePO4 RCR123A batteries.


Pistol and Charger Case

The case is from Dick's Sporting Goods and was a nice 15 USD.

A little knife work and you can do wonders with the foam that comes in these kinds of cases, thus resulting in a perfect fit for my AEP as well as the LiPO and LiFePO4 Battery Charger.

You can't see it in the picture but the chargers can be run off of 110/220VAC or 12VDC.


Airsoft Casualty Report

As hard as we all may try, whenever we upgrade any AEG, we tempt fate.

Luckily fate can be appeased with a domestic or overseas purchase of whatever component that just couldn't take it anymore.

I hope this particular section will only have a few pictures in it as I have already spent enough on parts the first time around.

Picture 1: The first piston I had in my P90. Failure after ~3000 rounds, other details are written into the image itself.

Picture 2: The Systema 130 Spring after approximately 15,000 shots. Failed at the very beginning of the day. As annoying as it was to have the entire day shot before winding my clips, at least springs are cheap.


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