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Project HeavyBlue - Hardware Revision 1.1

Chassis Internal Computer Internal Computer Volt Mods

This is my idea for a fully enclosed, peltier assisted, watercooled PC case gone absolutely crazy. This box, with computer and coolant, weighs 300 lbs. I realize this is overkill, but I wanted a project and as far as I see the path current technology heading, this case should suit my gaming PC needs for the next ten years, without major hardware modification. This of course excludes the upgrading of the PC in the top of HeavyBlue.

Furthermore, I have seen what a peltier assisted cooling system can do if something goes wrong. Basically the computer was moved around by someone who did not know what was going on and the system proceeded to burn up and fill the house with blue smoke and steam. Following this event, I devised a VERY crude safety scheme which basically looked for any type of power failure, and upon seeing one, shut the whole computer down. This particular system was similar to a closed loop burglary system and used energized relays to maintain the loop. This was imperfect at best as it had no real means of monitoring anything other than whether or not voltage was going to the proper components. It was at this point I began to dig through my knowledge of electronics and devise some smart method of preventing or rather stopping a failure from destroying the PC. The story doesn't end here, Project BlackBox was the solution that I came up with; a solution whose birthplace shall forever be a joke to me and a few of my friends...

So what all is inside Project HeavyBlue?

  • Coolant Pump: Hydor L35
  • Radiator: 4 Ford F-Series Truck
  • Peltier Power Supply: 15VDC @ 43A
  • Project BlackBox
  • Gaming PC

As for the gaming PC that this entire project focuses around, here are the current specs:

  • CPU: AMD X2 4800+ 939 @ 2820 MHz, 1.500 Vcore -3.5C Idle <20.0C Load
  • MB: ASRock Dual SATA2 939 ULi 1695 @ 1.20 Vldt
  • Memory: 4 Gb Corsair TWINX2048-4000PT @ 3-4-4-10 2T 2.70Vdimm
  • Video Card: ATI X800 Pro AGP Watercooled
  • SCSI Card: LSI MEGARaid Ultra 320-1 PCI RAID Controller
  • Sound: Creative Soundblaster Audigy ZS2
  • Speakers: Project BrokenHalo - Creative T7700 7.1 Surround Sound
  • SATA Drives: 2 Seagate Barracuda 7400RPM 0 150Gb RAID 0
  • SCSI Drives: 1 Fujitsu 10KRPM 147 Gb, 5 IBM 10K Rpm 40 Gb RAID 5
  • Optical Drive: Plextor PX-740A

I am impressed with the overall power of this rig. The gaming experience is very nice with it still has a lot of just plain raw computational power, which is why I run BOINC based projects on it. Google "BOINC" if you have never heard of it before, it's pretty neat idea.


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