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The Heart of the Machine - AMD Athlon X2 4800+ Socket 939 @ 2820 MHz, 1.5Vcore

4 Gb of DDR1000 memory and the overclock makes this beast really fly.

Here is a front view shot of the computer with almost all of the Blackbox sensors hooked up.

Even for a big case, its still pretty crowded in there...


Here's a shot of the SCSI backplane and my optical drive, SATA Drives are under the burner

This is the definition of a close fit...

I had to remove the peltier element from the GPU waterblock so that the waterblock itself would fit.

Guess my next card will be PCIe so I can use a peltiered block again.

Another shot of the GPU waterblock just barely missing the back of the SCSI RAID Controller card.

The miss each other my less than 1/16"

Everything all nice and neat hidden behind the folding front door of the case.

SATA's on the left, SCSI's on the right

Both types of drives like to keep cool.

Finally, the build is finished and I am getting my initial voltages and other test data.

UV reactive prettyness.... sweet...

Doesn't look that boring now does it?


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