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I learned this a few years ago:

If you want a stable overclock made easy, or for many motherboards a stable high level overclock period, you MUST volt mod your motherboard. I learned this lesson all too well on an Asus P4P800-E Deluxe, it was not until after I volt modded the Vcore control that i was able to crank 3.82 GHz out of a 3.0 GHz Prescott P4.

The Vcore and VDroop mods were the most useful mods for this ASRock Dual SATA 2 939

Not wanting to repeat the same trial and error with my previous rig, the first volt mod I applied was the Vcore/VDroop mod

This modification allows me to have direct control over the Vcore through manual adjustment, rather than having to reboot and go into the BIOS. Furthermore, with the adjustments to the Vcore error amplifier (VDroop) I can lock down the Vcore under full load.


Since I have already voided the warranty with what I think are two necessary volt mods, I might as well give myself full voltage control over the motherboard, applying certain resistances across those two pins lets me vary the voltage for the memory.

Since I bought very fast memory for this rig, I doubt I will need to exceed the stock voltages.

Test points for the memory volt mod as well as the next volt mod - the Hyper Transport bus voltage

The HTT of Hyper Transport Bus may need a tweak or two after everything is good and hot just for stability purposes.

After I finished overclocking this board, it was perfectly stable and this never needed adjusting.

All those tiny blue wires come here.

Each adjustment is clearly labeled, with a test point above the adjustment potentiometer. I even added a few dip switches to turn the mod on and off.


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