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Project BrokenHalo

Click Here for a movie of BrokenHalo in Motion 3.29Mb

Why did I make this? Simple, after my very minimal speakers died I decided to look into surround sound. At the time, surround sound headphones were expensive and had mixed reviews at best, furthermore I hate headphones, they make me lose all sense of perspective in any audio I listen to. This is fine for music while walking about but if I am sitting down, I want serious sound.

But why surround sound? Simple, I play many FPS's, something about tracking an opponent solely based on the location of their gunfire. This grants me a VERY significant edge, I don't have to see you, and with 7.1 surround sound, I can hear you from every angle.

BrokenHalo is built from 1/4" Poplar Square Stock and wood glue, is about 7 feet wide, and holds the back end of a Creative Inspire T7700 Speaker System.

Yes, that is the ceiling of my apartment, like I said, my landlord doesn't care. I built this in my sophomore year of college. My hair is much shorter than it was back then.


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